The End of the War

by La Hora del Té

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The End of the War es el tercer trabajo de estudio de la banda valenciana La Hora del Té. Siete canciones grabadas en directo y difíciles de catalogar con una única etiqueta; del rock más árido y fronterizo al folk de las montañas, del blues al soul e incluso el funk... Los tés se mueven en los terrenos de la americana como el pez en el agua.
Este nuevo Ep denota una gran madurez musical y contiene una gran carga emocional... Es el fin de la guerra // Es el fin de una etapa.


released May 1, 2017

Adrián Barberá: Voz, guitarra acústica y española
Pau García-Serra: Batería y percusión
Alejandro Sales: Bajo
Juan Salvador: Guitarra eléctrica, guitarra acústica y española
Pablo Pérez: Saxo
Rafa Adrián: Teclados, violines y coros

Grabado y mezclado en Estudios Elefante por Paco Morillas, con colaboración de Alberto Díaz. Masterizado en Crossfade mastering por Enrique Soriano.

Colabora en Full of love y On my mold: Amparo Ballester (coros).



all rights reserved


La Hora del Té Valencia, Spain

¡Llenad vuestras tazas y abrid los oídos! ¡Bienvenidos a la Hora del Té!

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Track Name: It's the end of the war
It's the end of the war! We'd better open the door
It was late at night, I was packing my bags,
I couldn't see who I really was

Time is running so fast, I think I got it at last
I was on the road, I was driving my car,
I couldn't see who I really was

I'd like to be with you, together, my love
I have to recognise that all my life I've been waiting,
waiting for you to come

Don't care about the weather
Oh Lord I'll be strong
My journey to heaven
I'll be far from home, you'll be always the one
I couldn't see who I really was

When I was a kid I was told to be good (so good)
What if I'd been taught all the good things in life?
I would have just played it cool. Now I do
Track Name: Listen darling
Listen Darling, I'm drowned in pain
I can't stop thinking about what's going on these days
I forgot my colours, I forgot my way
Yeah, nobody wants me alive in the whole world

See me wanted on the billboards,
You can sell me for two thousand,
Think about it, it's such a good deal

I'm getting close, I won't go
Let me stay with you once more

Don't carry me home now, it's too late
Let me stay

Listen Darling, I won't be late no more
I'll see you under the wooden house
I feel home with you, my love

Bring no nothing, you have no chance
You'd better keep an eye on everything, on everywhere
Track Name: Son of a gun
She was a friend of mine, She was some kind of angel
I was alone when the pouring rain came to my life
Give up the chase and come to the dark side
I was a faithful boy, Now I ain't got no Lord

I was walking back home. Walking back home...

Then I saw you through the dark,
I used to be somebody, that was good enough
I found myself under the mask,
And now there´s no return to where it all began

C'mon, shoot me in the leg!
I need a strong reaction just to see that I'm not dead
After all I hate this place,
I need to go and jump into a higher step

Oh, by that time I had killed the feeling
I did anything but smoking the whole day
Thorns stabbing me, “it's been a wild year” I used to think
I drink everyday to forget what I saw

I was walking back home... And I could see it all
Track Name: Turning into reality
It's been a long time for me,
It's been so hard and so thick
Trying not to go mad I wish you
Were close, so answer back, please

Dad went back home, did you see?
No one can feel what I feel
Stop crying your heart out, it's so slim
That tiny cut in your skin

Don't you know that ancient story?
Love always came back to me
Will I feel alone there in the city?
My soul's now jammed in between...

High summits rise up, I breathe
Grey skylines shade your beliefs
Looking for balance, dreams I had
Turning into reality

Don't you know...

Fear and hope, love and anger,
What should I do to believe?
Will I feel you close though in the distance?
What should I do to believe?
Track Name: On my mold
There's a place where I want to go
And that is close to you
I'm standing here waiting for my train
Will my dreams come true?

A glimpse of heaven through my eyes, I wonder
Will I guess the truth?
Will I travel around the world with you babe?
That's the life I want

I'm here on my mold...

A Honky Tonk piano in the bar
I'm on the road playing with the band
I took a nine feet, I drove to the shore
I just can't get enough

And all the records that I listen to, babe
They remind me of you
Them good old friends that are waiting back home
They will see me smile, yeah

I will travel around the world with you, babe
I might be falling but I'm strong
Brighter days will come, we both know that
Better days so full of love
Track Name: Full of love
I'm frozen, not willing
to have a gun put to my head
I'm a weak man I told you,
I've had enough, I'm trying to do my best

And I wonder how many times
did the answer come to my mind,
I cry and I kill and I die
and I wish it was over … over

And you kids are full of love... But I'm not

You don't deserve this,
I know that sometimes I dissapoint you
And I can't come across with
any possible way to save you all from hell

I'm your friend and I've just realised,
We are close to the end, We won't get up and fight
And I cry and I kill and I die
and I wish it was over... over.
Track Name: Underwater (Riding through Arizona)
The moon is rising in the sky, I feel like fighting
I hear a moaning howl, It's beating my soul
No one gets what he deserves, I've been so lone'
I've been praying to the music goddess of the city

Take it slow against them all, I feel tired, I look small
I'm a northbound train not willing to stop
By the way, let me know: Who's deciding who? Who's deciding what?
I've been praying to the music goddess of the city

Who wants your love when you live underwater?
Whose rope you hold when your hopes were forgotten?
True friends are gone as in that tale you told me
I've gotta tell you: in the end love was gone, it's the end of the show
Oh yeah! Days, they're coming to an end

There's a full moon rising in the sky I feel like fighting
Do it nice, rejoice, delight, keep on pushing out of line
All those useful brilliant brains know everything about it
They say: You'd better do my way, smile like and asshole and get well paid

Who wants your love...

In the end love was gone, it's the end of the show